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All Spare & Wear Parts of Sand    Making Machines
   (Vertical Shaft Impactor)

All Spare & Wear Part of Stone    Crusher
• Perforated Sheets and
   Wire Mesh
Sand Making Machines

Sand Making Machines & Sand Machine Spares

Sand Making Machines, Vertical Shaft Impactor

The said machines are used to manufacture artificial sand. The artificial sand is the alternative for river sand and the river sand should be protected for nature balance.

Grit (Rubble less than 10 mm) is the by product of stone industries which can be economically converted as artificial sand.

Vertical Shaft Impactor (V.S.I.) is the machine used for converting grit / half inch rubbler to artificial sand.

V.S.I. are also used for manufacture of better quality stone products
(Rounded, Rubble / Half Inch Grit) which is the requirement of ready mix concrete industries.

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Vibrating Screening Machines

Vibrating Screening Machines

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The vibrating equipment is used in separating the stuff. It is composed of main frame, screen web, electric motor, eccentric block, rub spring, coupler and so on. These machines are suitable for a wide range of materials—crushed stones, mining, recycling and process gradation. YASH Screens are designed for heavy-duty and 100% duty cycle. The screen structures are fabricated using fatigue and impact resistive material. These screens are designed to be robust and compact. YASH Screens are economical and have long working life. We will offer you suitable type according to your requirements.

     Vibrating Feeders  
Reciprocating Feeders

The Yash Enterprises reciprocating feeders are designed for heavy duty application in the primary section. It has been tested for synchronised flow of materials to the crusher, screening system and to the conveyors.

Reciprocating action is generated with the help of crank shaft and gear box. The tray movement distance and amplitude can be adjusted according to the requirement.

Electrical drives are provided with the feeder. A reciprocating feeder can be attached to any movable or stationary crushing and screening plant. It has a wear resistant line plate.



Loader Buckets

Loader Buckets

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We manufacture various types and capacity of buckets like Excavators buckets, Loader buckets, Mud buckets, Digging buckets etc. Our buckets are available in suitable sizes for 3, 6, 12, 20 & 30 ton excavators, width from 500 mm to 1250 mm.

Spare Parts: We provide all spare parts like Pin Bush, Tooth Holders, Tooth Points and Side Cutters as per various makes of buckets.

Bucket Repairing : We rebuild and repair Excavator, Loader, and Backhoe Buckets with new steel and welding. Excavator buckets can fail due to corrosion or due to heavy usage that literally wears away the steel or breaks the welds. This excavator bucket is used in a gravel pit. A new rock bucket can cost in hundred thousands of rupees, repairing an existing rock bucket is always an option. And we are expert in repairing as to match original bucket.
The bottom of the bucket has already been cut out and will have to be replaced with harden steel on which the new tooth shanks will be welded. Abrasive resistant steel (Hardox 400) offers much better wear resistance than the mild steel.

We guarantee the highest standards of technical advice and manufacture and repair of all types of buckets on the basis of a genuine and realistic relationship with clients.



Sand Blasting Machines

Sand Blasting Machines
Sand blasting machines are used for various applications like cleaning of moulds, putting grains on the moulds, preparing surface for painting, ptfe coating etc.

YASHBLAST abrasive machines are manufactured to the international standard and are used on production site throughout the country.

The machine comes in ready condition to use, only a compressed air connection is to be provided. The medium used for blasting is collected in the machine and can be reused for many times. An exhaust blower provided at the top of the machine with filtering system to give clear exhaust air. All models are equipped with concave head for easy filling, with automatic pop up valve.

All vessels are tested at high pressure as per international standards. The conical bottoms ensure an easy flow of abrasive to the metering valve. The inspection trap is provided for access to the interior part of the vessels. All weldings are performed with the help of rotator & positioner and thoroughly checked and documented as per the procedure qualification.

All the vessels are fabricated in accordance with ASME Section VIII and with pollution control norms. Hydraulic as per the fabrication therefore guarantying the highest level of performance.